Monday, 6 October 2008


"Ignorance Is Bliss" is an Art Brut song.It was the B-side to our single Direct Hit.

I had to write the words and record the vocal at the very last minute so ended up doing both in the back of a van, in the underground car park of the Birmingham Academy.

We were on tour with Maximo Park.They were selling T-Shirts with "Ignorance Isn't Bliss" written on them.

I disagree Ignorance is definitely bliss.I would still be smoking forty cigarettes a day if I didn't know that it killed me, I still enjoy drinking, but I would enjoy it a lot more if I didn't know about the damage it was doing to my body and I'm sure my day would start a lot better if I didnt fill my head with worry reading terrifying newspaper stories every morning as I eat my breakfast.

I sometimes cant sleep because I am so full of concern.I would definitely sleep easier if I had nothing to worry about.That is why I wrote the lyrics to the Art Brut song as a lullaby,wishing you some sweet dreams as the song ends.

I've been selling replica's of this painting for £35 including postage They are in acrylic on a 12cm x 18cm canvas.

They are all handmade by me.I feel prints are impersonal and I like the fact that even though I'm re-painting the same picture again and again they can never be exactly the same.

If your interested in buying one you can contact me at

You can buy a download of the Art Brut song HERE

I really miss smoking.

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Just noticed I lied here too. Im terribly sorry.