Monday, 12 April 2010

The Replacements.

The Replacements is a song from Art Brut VS Satan.

I still find it hard to believe I only discovered The Replacements in the last couple of years. It's even harder to believe when you consider that Art Brut did a month long tour with The Hold Steady and the Replacements didn't come up in conversation once.

It depends on my level of sobriety, but the Replacements are pretty much my favourite band. They're definitely my number one band to play when I'm drunk and they are definitely always in my top three. I think I've listened to them every day since I discovered them

I found out about the Replacements by reading a review of one of their reissues online and clicking on a link to youtube for Talent Show.

That was it I was hooked. I spent the remainder of the day and most of the night watching absolutely everything involving them or about them on youtube and the rest of the internet. Before heading out bleary eyed and sleep deprived as soon as the shops opened the next day, to buy as many of their records as I could afford.

I wasn't disappointed. Every record I bought was brilliant. The Replacements are everything I like about music. They are sincere and intelligent as well as being stupid, bloody minded and contrary. Every single one of their songs sounds heartfelt and passionate wether they're singing about how hard is to be growing up (Sixteen Blue) or just reading from the personal section of the Minneapolis newspaper City Pages (Lovelines)

I wasn't sure what to paint for 'The Replacements'. My favourite album by them is Hootenanny. I am pretty much always listening to that album. So I thought about painting it in all the different ways that I listen to it. I was going to paint the sleeve for when I listen to the vinyl in my room, paint a picture of my ipod for when I listen to it on a plane, the spotify playlist for when I listen to it drunk in hotel rooms and I was going to make a painting of the CD reissue for when I've forced it on to people at parties.

The cover of Hootenanny is so beautiful though it seemed stupid to dick about doing that. So I've just painted the cover four times on to square canvases 10" x 10"

If you would like to buy one of the four they are £55 each plus postage.

I can be contacted at eddie.argos.resource@gmail